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For only $425, you’ll have everything you need to install a hand-pumped well yourself for a fraction of the cost.


Backyard & Garden

Adding a hand pumped well to your backyard or garden is not only an attractive and decorative addition but also allows you to easily water plants, fill buckets or wash hands without dealing with messy hoses.

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Homesteading & Cabins

Why bother either hauling in water every time you need it or spending thousands of dollars digging an 80 foot deep well when you can easily and affordably drive your own well just like the old homesteaders of the 19th century did?  

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Survival & Prepping

We recommend not only installing a well in your backyard, but keeping a kit in storage in the event you need to install a well elsewhere, replace a clogged well or help out a neighbor or family member in the event of an emergency water shortage.

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